Day 262


Ezra 9-10; Nehemiah 1-2 (NIV)

Rachel Seavers, Executive Assistant to the Lead Pastor

“But in spite of this there is still hope for Israel.” Ezra 10:3

In this passage of Ezra, the Israelites once again find themselves wrapped up in the web and destruction of their sins. Ezra intercedes for his people and falls on his face before the Lord asking for forgiveness and redemption. We see God’s willingness to offer them a second chance and a fresh start.

Have you ever wondered if you have wearied the Lord’s patience with your requests for forgiveness over and over again? I know I have! As I read this passage over a couple of times, the verse that stood out to me was “But in spite of this there is still hope for Israel.” I read it again, but this time I put my name in the place of Israel.
What an impact it can have to use your name and to make it personal to you today!

God is so rich in mercy and His redemption is plenteous! How humbling it is to know that He truly never tires of us coming to Him for forgiveness. He is still today, as He was back in the days of Ezra, offering second chances to His people.


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  1. “The holy seed is now all mixed in with these other peoples.” – Ezra 9:2

    One year we planted our pumpkins close to our zucchini’s…and were surprised when the bees helped produce strange things we called “zumpkins!” Though green on the outside like zucchini’s, they were orange on the inside like pumpkins. They weren’t edible, and rotted quickly! What a metaphor for today’s verse. Though we are called to remain close to our diseased culture in order to minister God’s love, we must be careful to avoid cross-pollination….only possible by staying very close to the Master Gardener and His protective hand.

  2. Hi Rachel.   Your devo touched my heart today.  Put my name in.  So simple but powerfulJohnSent from Xfinity Connect Mobile App

  3. Father, thank You for Your loooooonnnnnnggggggsuffering! Thank You that You are the God of second and third and endless chances as long as we come to You with a humble and repentent heart. Help me to fall before You in complete confession, quickly receive Your forgiveness and try again. Thank You for leading me in Your perfect way. Let my eyes, my ears and my heart be in tune to that leading, for Your glory. Amen.

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