Day 258


Zechariah 9:1-14:21

Gregg Walsh, Executive Pastor

We all seek stability in our lives, yet we all expect change. The key is in how we handle it. Let me try to help you keep perspective when life rocks your world.

It seems once again the Middle East is in the news. Non-military personnel—from journalists to medical aid workers have been captured and killed. In Western Africa the Ebola crisis, too, has captured our attention as it reached our country’s soil. Both followers and non-followers of Christ have been personally affected in these regions.

What will it take to rock our lives–the recent d68 enterovirus, cancer, a family member’s death, or a divorce? Tragedy happens, and many times we are not ready. Certainly we don’t pray for disaster.

But those who walk with the Savior when life comes crashing in are in a much different place personally than someone who does not have a personal relationship with the living God. Jesus promises to never leave your side. Jesus listens to your deep sorrows and cries. He taps unlimited resources that will guide and comfort you. He comes with personal healing accompanied with peace that passes all understanding.

And when mistakes are personal, when we ask, Jesus offers forgiveness and cleansing. No matter what the crisis, my Heavenly Father demonstrates His great love for me. He has never failed me. He knows me by my name. Today you may need relief from the worries of this world or from workplace anxiety and stress. Today take that step to trust Jesus with that personal pain. Make your prayer simple, call upon Him for His peace, and He will respond! God bless you today


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  1. Thank you for your words of encouragement. They are exactly what I personally need right now. Prayers for strength and peace in small blocks of time which leads to peace all the time.

  2. Lord, help me to remember…it’s not by my might or my power but by Your Spirit alone that I will overcome. This mighty mountain before me will become as flat land before You! Thank You!!

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