Day 235


Ezekiel 22:7 – 23:49; 2 Kings 24:20-25:2; Jeremiah 52:3-5; Jeremiah 39:1; Ezekiel 24:1-14 (NLT)

Vera Schoolcraft – Women’s Ministry Team

Jeremiah 52:2-3 “He (Zedekiah) did evil in the eyes of the Lord…It was because of the Lord’s anger that all this happened to Jerusalem and Judah, and in the end He thrust them from His presence.”

Reading the last several months in the OT can feel discouraging, but it is so amazing that God used many prophets to warn, bring back, redeem, and forgive His people. How encouraging that God is the Hound of Heaven, especially for His own, not only the Israelites but you and me.

Then Ezekiel comes along and really blasts the Israelites with shocking words, especially comparing the Israelites to prostitutes (the lowest of the low), promiscuity, lust etc. Are we spiritually promiscuous? Lusting? Seeking advice from books, TV, the internet, etc.? Has worship and Sunday become common place to us? Youth, strength, power, wealth and pleasure were more coveted than obedience to God and His laws then. They had even passed laws: worship this/that idol, making what is evil ok. Nothing has changed today. If you or I heard a Sunday morning sermon such as Ezekiel’s, would we walk out? Get angry? Stay to hear the rest? Be repentant? Search our souls?

We have read the stories in God’s Word: how He loves and redeems us and wants a relationship with us. We have read the consequences of decisions of leaders who decide to do evil and disobey God’s word and laws. We as believers now know better/should know better but do we do better?

Heavenly Father, thank-you so much that You are the Hound of Heaven! I need you daily, hourly, and minute by minute.


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  1. God, You will give us over to the lusts that we relentlessly and carelessly pursue. Your jealous anger will burn and there will be consequences of our choices. Your greatest desire is that we willingly, humbly and in repentance return to You for cleansing and renewal. Thank You for Your mercy. I am so sorry for the grief and pain I have caused You as I look to other things (idols) for what You alone can deliver. Search me, Father. Show me the places that I go that make You sad, angry and jealous. Bring me back for You alone are the Way.

  2. As a kid, I hated being chased! It created panic and fear within, causing me to seek a place to hide rather than give up and face the chaser. The vision of God being a “Hound of Heaven”, then, is not particularly comforting – as it implies that God is “after me”, seeking to devour or destroy. I know the intent of the poet (Francis Thompson) was to show that God is persistent in His love…that He wants no one to be lost for eternity. So it’s helpful to remind myself that the Hound of Heaven is a God of LOVE, who is longing for me to stop and be caught in His everlasting arms. For if LOVE is the chaser, it is a joy to be caught!

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