Day 234


Ezekiel 20:1-22:16

Deb Schonberg,

The devotional reading for today really spoke to me. As I write this I am starting a new ministry year. I ask myself- in what ways am I like the ancient people of Israel and Judah? Is God my God fully and completely? What is stopping me from being 100% sold out in my faith?

God has given us rules to live by. He wants us to be ever-changing and becoming more like Christ. He will point out areas in our lives where we need to cleanse our hearts and minds. In the Bible, God used prophets like Ezekiel to pronounce judgment on the people or perhaps warn them of what will take place in the future as a result of their disobedience. Are we that much different than the Israelites? Much of what we read today has to do with the worship of false gods. Idol worship was sin against God’s commandments and against His character. Do we have idols in our lives we are putting ahead of our relationship with God?

Think for a moment. One of the dictionary definitions of an idol is “something that is worshipped like a god.” God wants our full attention, not a quick glance His way from time to time. How often do we feel like this is the year we are going to have a consistent, daily time with God, only to be distracted by the morning paper, e-mails, or Facebook? Are we so preoccupied with our children’s success in life that we spend much of our time focusing on them? Do we worship the perfect body and perfect level of fitness? Do we exalt busyness, for if we are busy, then we feel important?
Where our time is, there our god is. God wants our hearts, folks, not just a piece of it. He wants us to dedicate our time, our children, our all to Him, and let Him lead in our lives. Only then will we find the peace that we long for. The journey is hard, but so worth the cost!

“Lord, thank you for pointing out to me my sin and for showing me areas I need to change. Help me be the person you want me to be- fully committed and ready to put you first in the days ahead. Amen.”


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  1. Amen, thanks for sharing your insight today Deb. We are all works in progress.

    Lord may Your light always be the brightest shinning light in my life so I will never loose my way.
    May it always light the path to Your will for my life.

  2. In chapter 20 God hammers on two themes: you worshiped idols and you profaned My sabbaths. Keeping the sabbath was really a big thing in God’s eyes, but apparently the people didn’t think so, and they treated it just like any other work day. After all, if you don’t work, you don’t get paid. The people of Israel didn’t trust God to prosper them; they trusted their hard work. I see that as being similar to God’s command about giving. Gentiles were never commanded to keep the sabbath, but we Christians have been commanded to give generously. It’s a test of faith: do we believe God will prosper us? Do we rely on Him, or do we rely on our bank accounts?

    Lord Father, please magnify my feeble efforts to trust You. May I recognize Your constant care and provision for me, and extend my trust even more.

    • Thank You, Lord, that my promised land is peace and rest. As I know that You are Lord over ALL and as I put You first and most important is ALL THINGS, that is where I will dwell.

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