Day 219


Jeremiah 19:1-20:18, Daniel 1:1-21

Marianne Bassford MOPS Mentor Mom

Sometimes simple is best!
The Beginners Bible— Daniel 1:1-21
God blessed Daniel and his friends. They were far away from home, but God was still with them. God made them know and understand many things and they loved and obeyed God.

Today, one phone call can change everything.
We study God’s Word. We examine the Hebrew, Greek and other origins of the text. We pour over concordances and the writings of the pastoral renowned. We frantically seek answers and understanding in crazy hard times.

Storms blow through; ultimately here is where peace abides
“Be still and know that I am God“ (Psalm 46:10).


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  1. Jer. 20:9 Father, may Your Word be in my heart like a fire, a fire shut up in my bones that I cannot hold in. I may not be asked to prophesy as Jeremiah did. I may simply be asked to make a personal statement as Daniel did. The benefits of Daniel’s choice of devotion to You and Your commands were quickly evident to all. Let my life reflect the goodness and strength of following You. Thank You that we can speak and act freely today. Today, I choose You. Let my words and actions be pleasing in Your sight. Let them be a testimony to Your goodness and faithfulness so that others may turn to You.

  2. The book of Daniel has some great strategies for living a godly life in an ungodly culture. A couple of them is demonstrated in the first chapter here. First: choose your battle and make it significant. These four boys could have constantly resented being slaves, could have refused to acknowledge their new names (which celebrated Babylonian idols), could have refused the educational program offered them. They did none of these things. But when it came to eating food offered to idols (think Communion here: eating at the table of demons, as Paul puts it in 1 Cor 10:21), they drove a stake in the ground. Second, when dealing with an ungodly authority, don’t argue based on theology (“The Bible says…”), but make an argument of practicality (“Try it and see if it works.”) Obeying God’s laws always works. Then from that basis you can introduce the ‘why’ into the situation (“The Bible says…”). This is the strategy that Daniel used.

    Lord Father, may we be wise as serpents and harmless as doves, and bold as lions in pursuing righteousness.

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