Day 211


II Kings 21:1-26, II Kings 22:1-2, II Chronicles 33:1-25, II Chronicles 34:1-7
Jeremiah 1:1-2:22

Bobby Hackney, Worship Team

God’s Plan
“For though thou wash thee with nitre, and take thee much soap, yet thine iniquity is marked before me, saith the Lord God.” Jeremiah 2:22
If you have ever read the entire Old Testament in the Bible, it gets really painful and even difficult to read the books of Jeremiah, Lamentations, and Ezekiel. These books are not the stuff that storybook tales of old are made of. Some would even say they are among the most sad and depressing books of the Bible, and rightfully so. The book of Jeremiah, as well as Lamentations and Ezekiel describe the painful transition of the Nation of Israel going into captivity after long pleas, demonstrations, warnings, and signs directly from God himself through his chosen prophets.

We as followers of Christ sometimes separate the Old Testament from the New with an almost “that was then, this is now” type of attitude. Jesus made a clear point to the religious leaders of his time on earth. These leaders strongly believed that their salvation and freedom rested solely on the old Jewish laws established by the Old Testament. Jesus, in no uncertain terms stated to them: “Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me.” John 5:39.

In constantly seeking what relates to us, it is easy to lose sight of the plain and simple plan. God created the world–a plan, God re-created the world–a plan, God’s promise to Abraham–a plan, God creating a nation for all nations to have access to him–a plan, Jesus coming to the earth and returning again one day to establish God’s kingdom on earth–a plan. No matter how we approach God’s word, let us never lose sight of his great plan which is still unfolding on this very day.
Praise God for his wonderful and incredible plan.


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  1. I’m so glad that Chronicles is included in the Bible. Otherwise we wouldn’t know that Manasseh repented and that God forgave him. The man who “misled Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem to do more evil than the nations whom the Lord destroyed before the sons of Israel” — repented. AND God forgave him and answered his prayers! How can anyone say that the ‘God of the Old Testament’ isn’t gracious?

    Thank You, Father, that You are constant and faithful, that Your justice and Your mercy never change.

  2. Father, may there never come a time that any of my descendants find “a Book” with which they are unfamiliar. Let Your Word and the knowledge of You, Your mercy, Your loving-kindness and Your sovereignty live on though countless generations, if You should tarry. Hosea 4: 6 “My people perish from a lack of knowledge.” May they not only know the Bible but, more importantly, may they know THE God of the Bible and follow Him wholeheartedly.Amen.

  3. Thanks for sharing Bobby.
    I know from my line of work, just how important planning can be. At times it shows me just how little control I actually have over my situations. It was easy to give it all to God, once I realized I never was really in control. It is He that is in control and I surrender to His plan for my life!!! I find it so humbling that He uses me in His plan to reach others & lead them toward Him.

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