Day 210


Isaiah 63:15-66:24, II Kings 20:20-21, II Chronicles 32:32-33

Kurt Nagahiro, Worship and Arts

In Isaiah 63:1-6, God makes it perfectly clear that just as He alone is mighty to save, so He alone can deliver vengeance.

Isaiah 64:1-4–Isaiah wishes that God would come down and do awesome things again, and he confesses the people’s sins. Isaiah acknowledges God as the Heavenly Father: “we are the clay, you are the potter.” Isaiah also sees cities desolate, the beautiful temple burned by fire, and asks if God will come to their aid.
Isaiah 65:1-7–God speaks of the rebellious nation. God however will not destroy all. There will be some remaining to bring forth offspring to inherit the promises. The ones saved will be blessed by the God of truth, and he will put aside his anger and forget the evil of earlier days–a new beginning (Isaiah 65:13-16).

Isaiah 65:17-25–God will create new heavens, and a new earth.

Isaiah 66:1-6–God asserts his sovereignty and purpose.

Isaiah 66:7-14–Through the painful suffering of the nation God will cause a new kingdom to be born.

Isaiah 66:15-24–God speaks of the final things in the distant future, of heaven and hell.

Questions I ask others and myself: How many times have we not put God FIRST in our daily lives?  How many times have we not had his Word in front of us which displays his truths and commands? How many times have we gone off the path he has placed us on?

Our God wants us to put him first and to trust in him. We WILL be blessed by following him and his truths.

My prayer for others and myself is this:

I pray I/we put our God first in our lives and to be in his word daily.  To go along the path he has placed before us and to make our decisions according to his truths and to always be thankful in all circumstances, even when we do not feel we are being blessed and to ask for guidance through our trials.  Amen


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  1. Ch 66:8 “Can a land be born in one day? Can a nation be brought forth all at once?” The expected answer is ‘No’. Historically and logically that has never happened. But God delights to do things that are impossible, and in 1948 Israel was indeed “born in one day”.

  2. Isaiah 65: 8 “As when juice is still found in a cluster of grapes and people say, ‘Don’t destroy it,
    there is still a blessing in it,’ so will I do in behalf of my servants; I will not destroy them all.
    Almighty God, You are, I think, talking about the remnant of Israel here but it popped up at me this morning. Thank You that You are the God of second chances (and third and fourth, etc). If there if only one drop of hope left for my transformation, You will use it and multiply it to bring fruit from my shriveled up life. When I have followed my own way to the point of drought and despair, You give life to that one drop of life left. Thank You that NOTHING is wasted in You. Thank You that there is NOTHING in my life You cannot revive. Thank You that there is NOTHING too hard You. Thank You for putting a song in my heart today.

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