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Day 209


Isaiah 58:1-63:14 (NLT)

Chris Tall, Worship and Arts

Ch. 58:
True and False Worship
Like parents with their child, God doesn’t want robotic obedience. His desire for us is true worship, living in agreement with what we believe. As you read chapter 58 you can see God the father correcting his children, longing for them to truly worship Him.

Ch. 59:
Warnings against Sin
Unlike our parent/child relationships, God cannot tolerate sin. Sin cuts us off from Him. But as our heavenly Father, he longs for our relationship. That is why He will do what it takes to draw us back, why “The Redeemer will come to Jerusalem.”

Ch. 60:
Future Glory for Jerusalem
A little encouragement goes a long way! God speaks through Isaiah and paints a picture of how Jerusalem will be restored. If God can restore a city and a nation, then he certainly can restore our lives when they are broken.

Ch. 61:
Good News for the Oppressed
God lets Israel know that he hates injustice. He sees it and He is coming to act against it. How comforting those words must have been to those being oppressed. These last two chapters are a good reminder of how we can give encouraging words to those around us who need it!

Ch. 62:
Isaiah’s Prayer for Jerusalem
When reading this chapter, I see a break from the prophet speaking God’s words to him speaking his heart. Isaiah longs for his fellow people to come back to the Lord, to be saved, to get new names like “the Holy People.” We get a new name too when we are saved. Christians!

Ch. 63: 1-14
Judgment against the Lord’s Enemies
As God said he would do, Edom (the enemy of Jerusalem) is destroyed. And the striking picture given us is of Isaiah seeing the Lord clothed in red. This is not the last time we will see this.

Praise for Deliverance
As Israel remembers who led them to where they are now, so too should we be reminded that God provided for our salvation. When the Lord defeated our enemies on the cross he was “clothed” in red as well. I hope to never forget that.