Day 195


Psalms 120, 121, 123, 125, 126 (NIV)

Mark Blow, Men’s Ministry Team

You might be reading a Bible that has a subtitle under the Psalm number that says “song of ascent.” It is believed that although these Psalms were written by King David, they were used extensively in the post-exile time-frame of Israel. When Jews were making their way to Jerusalem for a feast or holiday they would be singing these songs, quite literally as they were climbing the steps to the Temple–thus, song of ascent. They also might have been used as part of a liturgy by the priest at that time; with the priest singing out part of the hymn and the people responding. They were lifting their voices and hearts to God.

The Psalms aren’t just for the Jews back in the Old Testament times. They are for us today. We would all do well to memorize a Psalm or two. They are great models of how to turn to God.

I am always amazed at how God uses the grit in people’s lives and turns it into a pearl for the benefit of many. Many of the Psalms come from King David’s numerous trials that he endured. The more trials, the more Psalms…more grit, more pearls. And now we have this wonderful book in the Bible filled with examples of how we are to pour our hearts out to God.

And what is the result? As we turn our hearts to God, he responds to us. I love the picture that is painted in Psalm 125 vs2: “As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the Lord surrounds his people both now and forevermore.” What a great picture.

Do you want to feel surrounded by the Lord? I can’t think of better protection to have! So, bring your hymn to Him!


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  1. How joyfully and tearfully Psalm 126 must have been sung in Israel in 1948. May we recognize God’s work in our lives and respond with Scriptural praise and thanksgiving.

  2. Thank You, Lord, that You no longer dwell on Your Holy Hill but rather in my heart. Though the physical climb is much less strenuous, I still need to “train” to remember to look up, keep my eyes focused on You and not on the distractions all around me. I need to “ascend” to Your perspective. Thank You for Your place of safety and security. Amen.

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