Day 193


Psalms 115-118

Cindy Mann, Director of Finance

Praise the Lord, all you nations;    extol him, all you peoples.
For great is his love toward us,    and the faithfulness of the Lord endures forever.
Praise the Lord.[c]
Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good;    his love endures forever.
Psalm 117:1-118:1.

These psalms remind all of us that God’s love for each of us is endless, compassionate, and endures forever. He is not a god of clay but He is the God that makes man from clay, He is the Creator. As great as He is in strength, He still sees each of us as His child, if we will only accept the gift of forgiveness through Jesus Christ.

We need to be thankful on the sunny bright days, when all the world is right. We need to be thankful on the days of blessing, such as the birth of a new baby into our families. We need to be thankful when there is healing from sickness or distress of any kind. These blessings all come from God our Father.

We also need to be thankful on the days when things are not all in order. When there is death, or sickness, or war, or financial struggles, we need to rely on Him for He will give us strength, guidance, and comfort. For Great is His Love toward us and He is Faithful not only today but every day. When we give thanks, He hears our prayers, wipes our tears, and prepares the way for us. He restores us and gives us rest so that we can live the lives that He has set before us. Our promise is not a life without any problems, but a promise the God is with us each step of our lives and that He loves us.

He is not the god created by man but the God who loves us, protects us, and shows mercy and grace to us when we do not deserve it. He makes us part of His Family forever because He loves each of us.

Thank you God for this day and each day that you give us to live and the assurance that one day we will be with you in eternity because of your grace through Jesus.


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  1. Thank You, Father, that You reveal more of Yourself in every situation. Even tho I prefer to see You in the good times, my deepest and most lasting revelations of You and Your Word have come in the darkest of nights. Those were the times when I felt all alone, prayers were stubbornly locked inside my hardened and guarded heart. I sat like Jonah under my gourd! But You, Lord, patiently waited for me to hear Your Holy Spirit speaking tenderly and redirecting my attention. “Hello, I AM here! See what only I can do with your misery.” Thank You, Father, for what You can do with our most difficult times, if only we will only You. Thank You for revealing Your endless and unconditional love, Your recklessly extravagant grace and Your tender mercy. I cannot (or will not ??) praise You FOR the storm but I cannot help by praise You for the amazing ways that You show Yourself strong IN the storm. Yes, You are good. Yes, ALL the time. Amen.

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