Day 191


Psalms 105-106

Diane Slocum, Director of Facilities

I will never forget the day the blue van backed into our driveway. We had been married for 4 years, had a 9 month old baby and a house mortgage, car payments, bills to pay and barely made enough before a baby and nowhere near enough with a baby.
We used cloth diapers to save money, but detergent was a precious commodity and disposable diapers were sure nice for being out and about. I made the baby food that I could and the clothes I could, but the simple truth was, we didn’t have enough to live on. It seemed to come to a head on this particular day. “Lord, we’re serving You, give our lives to Your work, throwing ourselves into Your ministry with nothing held back. In return, we’re down to our last bottle of baby food, no diapers left and no idea what we’re going to do next.”

Then, that blue van backed into our driveway, unannounced and unexpected. Out of the van stepped an older couple, our parent’s age, Karl and Annabelle. Karl quietly began unloading, while Annabelle explained that they had been thinking about us and brought us a “few things”… A FEW THINGS!
Cases of baby food…cases! Cases of diapers, wipes, lotions, ointments! Coats, dresses, shoes, toys. Then came more boxes of food…for US! Hotdogs, sausages, steaks, chicken, salmon. We didn’t have but a little refrigerator/freezer. The next day, they delivered the biggest chest freezer that was made, filled with even more food.
But how did they know? We hadn’t told anyone. The only one that knew not only our need, but our confused hearts, was our Heavenly father! He knew and all was orchestrated by His faithful hand in His perfect timing.

All of that leads to the point of the story and to my thoughts today on these two Psalms.
Thirty-one years later, we still have that freezer, running strong and freezing cold. Every time I go into that freezer I remember! Yes, I remember Karl and Annabelle as they are our good friends, but I also remember that God is Faithful! Time and time again, in our lives we are faced with difficult environments, insecure futures or unsolvable problems, and that is when I remember God’s history of faithfulness, from generation to generation! My heart is put at ease and I find myself saying “Give thanks to the Lord, because He is good” (Psalm 106:1).

Psalms 105 and 106 are a call to remember. Remember the God who is faithful. As he is faithful in all past history, so will you find him faithful in whatever you face today and in the unknowns of tomorrow!

So why not start making your own history of God’s faithfulness. Start remembering all the times that you have seen God “show up.. I HAVE A FREEZER!!
“Thanks be to the Lord God of Israel, from everlasting to everlasting. Let all the people say ‘amen’” Hallelujah!


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  1. Psalm 106 is a wonderful testimony of God’s faithfulness and gracious provision IN SPITE of our continual sin. May His grace woo us away from our selfishness and pridefulness. May we strive to conform to the image of Christ, the loving and giving God.

  2. Amen! Father let me never forget all the “freezer” times you have provided for me. My written timeline with gold dots representing those times serve as “altars” of remembrance for me. When I look back on that timeline, I stand amazed at Your unfailing faithfulness, endless mercy and unfathomable grace, even before I knew You. How can I NOT surrender to You! Thank You, Lord.

    • People of EAC – how do you remember God’s faithfulness to you? Do you have a freezer or a timeline as an altar of remembrance? See Genesis 8:20 & 12:7; Joshua 4:6-7 & 8:30. Let us not forget.

  3. Oh Diane, yours was the most touching message yet! I cried with thankfulness. I raised six
    children with the help of the Good Lord and two good grandmothers and the Lord always provided,
    after their father passed away at age 34.
    If there was a need almost immediately it was filled!!! Today, almost over 50 years later those
    years bring tears of joy remembering how He provided. And continues today!!! My needs are
    different now, not groceries, food, rent money, a car etc but my needs are met!! And if
    not, I must not need it after all!!
    Thank you for your wonderful uplifting message. You made my day!!
    Bernie Haslam ( Pam Fontaine’s mother)

  4. Although we are imperfect we can and do mirror the characteristics of God. Diane, you and Pastor Scott have shown us God’s faithfulness through your ministry here at EAC. I praise God for your faithful service here.

  5. Diane, Thank you for sharing how God met your needs abundantly. You and your family have ministered to all of us. Thank you. My father had cancer, there were 5 kids, little income while he was sick, and God met our needs through bags of groceries dropped at the side door. The giver was gone. The help of neighbors that we did not know that finished an addition on the house that my father had started and would never be able to finish. Dad was sick for 6 months and then died leaving a large hole that could only be filled by God. He is faithful always. Thank you for sharing your story.

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