Day 185


Proverbs 30-31 (The Message)

Paul Chamberlin, Elder

Well here we are at the end of Proverbs! There are more examples of wise words we should heed and illustrations of how God wants us to live. Simply hearing them and agreeing with them will not make a difference in our world. Putting these words into action should be our intent. We must live them out. Here are some that came to mind:
Pray, love, encourage, forgive, bless, serve, give, listen, speak, plant, nurture, share, comfort, and many more perhaps you can add.

We all have lives that keep us busy with urgent needs and personal wants, but this can keep us from recognizing the important and meaningful areas where we can respond to God’s love for us. I need to sit back often, pray, and think about how God has loved and blessed me, and how I can do the same for others. When we do, then God is glorified. That is our purpose in life isn’t it? Sometimes the answer comes easily and sometimes from unexpected places. That is how the Holy Spirit works. He can lead us to needs that we had no idea existed. Then it is up to us to respond according to our ability and dependence on God for discernment and direction.

We recently traveled for the first time to Africa. We went with friends who were born and grew up there. Our intention was to see their country and learn about the culture while meeting their family. God had other plans for us. We learned and saw what true poverty and subsistence living is like. It made us aware of the great wealth and prosperity we live with and take for granted in America. We had opportunity to hand out clothing and bread and clean water to those living in destitute areas of the country. The act of sharing such basic items brought such a sense of humility. In these same situations we able to see how God is providing people and places for them to learn and worship God. We also witnessed the great love and joy that the believers have in the Lord.

So whether you are at home, in your neighborhood, or across the sea, keep your eyes and ears open to the needs you see. God will have a place for you to share his love by living out the Proverbs we have been reading.


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  1. Thank you, Paul, for this reminder: “We all have lives that keep us busy with urgent needs and personal wants”.
    Lord, give me Your wisdom to know the difference.
    (30:8) … give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread.
    Lord, You have always given me so much more. Help me to be a good steward of the excess. Amen

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