Day 179


Hosea 9:1-14-9

Pastor Gregg Walsh, Executive Pastor

I have been given the privilege and blessing of being a grandfather. I get to love and hug another generation of children – that are partly my own. I have developed and become deeper and richer in attitude, temperament, patience, wisdom and graciousness. But I can remember it was much different when raising four children now in their adult years. It seemed that the family was in hyper warp. We were on a mission to feed, educate, nurture and prepare them for independent living. At the same time we were learning to be wiser parents ourselves. As parents, we cherish those joyful times. And thank God for His help in the many challenging times of guiding teenagers! I am observing personality patterns repeating from parents in their children up close. It is amazing!
In today’s reading the writer prophet reminds the children of Israel how much God the Father cares for them—even in spite of expressions of personal selfishness like focusing on substitute gods, or making poor life decisions, or not having any desire to cultivate a confined walk or worship their Heavenly Father. The writer makes clear that the Father desires and aches to have a personal and intimate relationship with His children.
God’s heart and passion for His children does not change! He forgives quickly and many times over after His children make mistakes. Our heavenly Father extends grace and unconditional love. My heavenly father coached while parenting. Parenting today is just as challenging. God is so faithful; His commitment and love for us is unbreakable. As a young teen, I found great meaning in Psalms 68:4-6. “A father of the fatherless…” (vs. 5a) God has shown me grace and love. He is a great trusted model for a parent or a grandparent. 
How can I encourage you today? I know your Heavenly Father knows the weight you are carrying. Ask Him to take it from you. Perhaps it’s a clean heart and the beginnings of a fresh chapter that you seek. Then ask our Heavenly Father for forgiveness. Or it is something hurtful or a deep loss recently? Then hurry to your heavenly Father. He will comfort and hold you! Jesus Christ, His only Son was sent to earth to die for our sins. Father God thank you for being a good God and loving me! 


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  1. Hosea 10:9 (NLT)

    The Lord says, “O Israel, ever since Gibeah,
    there has been only sin and more sin!
    You have made no progress whatsoever.

    To me, it would seem that God is looking for a little progress, a glimmer of hope from us, something to nurture & build on. I know that no matter how hard I try, I will never be perfect in this life but that won’t stop me from trying to be better each day and calling upon His Spirit to help me to continually gain momentum and make progress toward the goal of being more like Him.

    Early in chapter 14 we read that if we confess our sins and make a commitment to follow only Him, He will heal us of our faithlessness

    Hosea 14:4 (NLT)
    The Lord says,
    “Then I will heal you of your faithlessness;
    my love will know no bounds,
    for my anger will be gone forever.

    We have seen His love & forgiveness displayed in a relationship with us that is likened to unconditional forgiveness to an adulterous spouse, the ultimate betrayal. Today His love is displayed as that of a parent to a disobedient, rebellious child. To anyone who has experienced either of these situations or even been the cause of such pain and anguish, this paints a picture of just how much our relationship with Him means to Him.

    Father, heal any part of me that lacks the faith in You that You desire, that I might secure forever the love from You that knows no bounds. Help me to continually make progress in my walk with You.
    In Your Son Jesus name…Amen

  2. God is certainly not the distant, dispassionate Force that some make Him out to be. The God revealed in the Old Testament is hugely different from the deist concept of the clockmaker who created the universe, wound it up, and the ignored it. The Bible shows God as deeply and passionately involved in His creation. His holiness does not insulate Him from us, requiring intermediaries. His love is personal and direct and immediate.

    May we reflect that part of His character to the people we encounter each day.

  3. One commentary says that God loves us with a love stronger and more powerful than His hatred of our sin. His is a love that CANNOT give up.
    Father, thank You for Your “infinite ocean of love”. Please break up the unplowed ground (10:12) in me. Show me the depths to which I have fallen. Only then will I be able to see the the heights of the love that You have for me, heights that I can’t even imagine. Show me the unstoppable and transforming power of Your love that I may extend it to those hurting around me. Glorify Yourself in me. Amen.

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