Day 168


2 Kings 5:1-8:15

Jayme Thompson, Director of Elementary Ministries

Specifically 2 Kings 5:2-3

These chapters in 2 Kings cover a lot of ground and tell of many things God does through His prophet Elisha. As I read through these chapters, I kept coming back to one person, mentioned only briefly, but who showed great courage and faith.

The servant girl from Israel, whose name we do not know, was used to bring faith into the home of one of Aram’s most important men. Here is a young lady, taken captive, away from her home and her own people given the role of servant, and still she has great faith in God and trust in his prophet Elisha.

I learn two things from this brave young lady. First I see that sometimes in life we find ourselves in places we don’t want to be. Sometimes it is due to circumstances outside of our control and other times we have made choices that land us where we don’t want to be. Either way, one thing is true, God is always in control and He is always at work in our lives. When we find ourselves in those situations we need to continue to boldly hold on to our faith.

The second thing I learn is it does not matter who we are or what our role is, God can always use us to further His Kingdom. There are times when we may find ourselves in a role or in a place we did not plan to be, but God did. He puts us in places where He knows we are needed and where our faith can be a testimony to others. You do not need to be a famous preacher or prophet to be used by God to bring others to faith. Sometimes the simple faith of a servant girl can have a huge impact on someone else’s life.


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  1. Thank you for your reminder that the servant girl can be used as much or more than some other person. We just need to seek to serve where we are.

  2. Jayme, this is an excellent point that you raise. We can all be used by God where ever we are in our life to bring Him the glory and increase His Kingdom. It brings both powerful and humbling feelings to know that our Creator is using us to bring His will in the lives of others. Many times we aren’t even aware of the encouragement He has brought to them through us so we must look at every encounter we have as an opportunity to show His love and share the hope we have in Him.

  3. Naaman and Hazael. Not only were these two gentiles, outsiders to the covenant of God, but they were active enemies of Israel. Yet God healed Naaman (so he could keep on fighting against Israel?), and announced to Hazael that he would be king of Aram (and continue harassing and destroying the people of God?!). No wonder that Elisha wept when he delivered that prophecy. But Jesus is sovereign over EVERYBODY: believers and non-believers, Jews and Gentiles, good people and bad people, Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus, Pagans, New Agers, Atheists — nobody is outside of His jurisdiction or beyond His love.

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