Day 164


1 Kings 20:23-22:9; 2 Chronicles 18:1-8
Sarah McNulty, Graphics & Communication and Student Ministry That Ahab was one corrupt dude. Back in 1 Kings 16:30, it says, “Ahab son of Omri did even more evil before God than anyone yet – a new champion of evil!” and you really see here just how bad of a guy King Ahab was. He did so many terrible things to so many people, especially Naboth. I couldn’t help but empathize with Naboth: Ahab was deceptive, conniving, caused physical harm, and stole from people. As I read through these very dark chapters, the truth that God keeps his promises is what I kept seeing.
Recently, I have been walking through what’s been an oddly optimistic and very dark valley. Probably the darkest and most transformational time of my life thus far. It’s paradoxical. But I really believe that even the darkest of valleys can be turned to light because God’s promises are true. Always! And I find myself clinging to that truth, just as I imagine the people of Israel did during Ahab’s rule, and certainly as Naboth’s family did. We see God’s promises here, shared through the prophets… And they’re very specific: from a lion attack, to killing off descendants, and dogs licking up shed blood. And they all come true. And by them proving true, God served justice for all of the evil done by Ahab.
In this life, people are going to hurt us and do wrong by us. Circumstances are going to be unfair and cause us pain. I don’t know what ever became of Naboth’s family, or if they ever knew of the justice God brought. But God and his promises are true. We can trust Him in our dark valleys as much as we can on the brightest mountains.


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  1. Thanks for your openness and sharing today Sarah,
    Your situation is oddly optimistic because of God’s truth. It’s when we are in the deepest and darkest valleys that He is closest to us and carrying us through. Sometimes it will only become apparent in retrospect but rest assured, He will transform this darkness into a light for your greater good. You are treasured, you are sacred, you are His!!!

  2. Ahab wanted someone to “tickle His ears” (II Tim 4:3). He hated those who brought the truth. And Jezebel didn’t seem to care about anything but getting her own way by any means. What a dangerous couple! Father, the truth may be hard and the darkness may be dark BUT Your way WILL prevail! You are Sovereign Lord, Almighty God, Everlasting Father (and no one messes with Your kids). Amen.

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