Day 144


I Kings 8:1-11; II Chronicles 5:1-14; I Kings 8:12-21; II Chronicles 6:1-11;
I Kings 8:22-53; II Chronicles 6:12-42

Lori Beyar, Missionary

Specifically 1 Kings 8:1-53 and 2 Chronicles 6:1-42

As I read the dedication of the temple in Jerusalem by Solomon there came to my mind the amount of majesty and wonder there must have been for the people to see this magnificent temple.  There was so much awe and wonder in the beauty of the temple as a place to look upon, as well as the place where the name of the Lord would be represented in Jerusalem.  I remember times when I have stood in some of the great cathedrals in Christian history.  And I remember feeling very small compared to the size of the cathedral–and even further realizing how small I am compared to Almighty God, who created the heaven and earth.

If it just stopped there, that I was supposed to be only in awe of God, then I think I could at times feel distant and nervous about what the Almighty God would think.  But then Solomon says something during his dedication that shows the intimate and personal side of our Lord.

I Kings 8:39 says, “Act and render to each whose heart you know, according to all his ways (for you, you only, know the hearts of all the children of mankind).”

Here Solomon is making the incredible statement that the Almighty God of the Universe knows the hearts of all mankind. God knows my heart. He knows what I think, when I am afraid, when I am unsure about the future, when I feel blessed and when I am grieving.

God sees beyond my circumstances and sees beyond my behavior. What God is concerned about is my heart. Solomon states how God will respond to people as He knows their hearts.  So even when I mess up, God knows in my heart if I am sincere about my desire to follow Him and love him.  God is not concerned with me being perfect; He is much more concerned that I am humbly loving and following Him.  

Where is my heart today?   I know what I need to do and the words I need to say, but how is my heart today?  God is the magnificent creator of the universe, and He is also the one who intimately knows my heart and wants me to love and humbly seek Him.

May the Lord keep reminding me of HIs love and grace for me as I try to walk with Him.


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  1. Thanks Lori, for sharing your wonderful perspective with the rest of us today. These are truly words of wisdom.

    I love the entire flavor found within the dedication prayer where we find sincere pleas for both the Israelites and foreigners alike.
    (My perspective of 1 Kings 8:41-43) Solomon knew that the Israelites were representing the Lord for those outside of the covenant and wanted them to also share in a personal relationship with Him. (960 BC)

    Solomon knew there would be sin “and who has never sinned”. He knew there would be lost battles and captivity. He doesn’t ask for the Lord to prevent these circumstances, he asks for favor from their captives. Throughout his petitions he holds fast to the repentance, forgiveness theme that teaches us today that we will make mistakes but we must turn to Him in faith and trust that His promise’s will be kept and when He sees our repentant heart, we will receive His forgiveness.

    May we all honor our Lord with sincere hearts that shape our words and actions to make people gravitate toward Him and increase His kingdom here on earth. All for His glory!!!

  2. “Give your people what their actions deserve, for you alone know each human heart.” – 1 Kings 8:39
    “Can it be that God will actually move into our neighborhood?” – 1 Kings 8

    I’m beginning to think both these verses in our readings today are connected. When we ask God to take over our life, he moves into the “neighborhood” of our heart. If you are close with your neighbors, you know a lot about their lives: the company they keep, the values they esteem, the joys and sorrows they experience. If God, then, lives in our personal neighborhood, he’s already aware of our struggles & joys, our failures & accomplishments. How good of God to live so close by! We can stop in to borrow things we regularly need: a cup of wisdom, a glass of comfort, a pound of compassion. Lord, today I come knocking for __________ (fill in the blank). Thank You that You are only a knock away, and know my heart’s deepest needs!

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