Day 139


Psalms 75-78 (NIV)

Marc Lang, Marriage Ministry

I would like to focus on Psalm 78. The psalm opens with a plea to listen to the things from our ancestors. While it can be said that all the psalms report the past, this one in particular calls us to think on the past. It is not just a history lesson, but focuses on the Israelites’ past behavior and God’s response. Reading though this psalm with this focus, we see how wide the gulf is between these people and God.
            The words used to describe the people are stubborn, rebellious, disloyal, unreliable, and faithless. They were a complaining bunch, forgetting what God had just done and moving on to whining about their next need. They kept on sinning and got deeper into trouble.
            God, on the other hand, provided for their needs through numerous miracles. His power was displayed in mighty acts like dividing the seas. He showed his compassion for their needs in providing water, manna and meat from heaven. Throughout time, God remained faithful to his people and never walked away from them. He continued to discipline them as He refined them into his people.  At the end of the psalm, it reveals that God chose a servant, David, from the people to lead them–a shepherd for his lost people.
How does this Psalm fit into my own life? I too can be stubborn, rebellious, disloyal, unreliable, and faithless. I can still tend to forget what God did for me yesterday and start whining about tomorrow’s need. And I have to confess that sin still finds its way into my life.
When I look back in time, I’m reminded of the mighty acts that God has done in my life, His redemption of my life from a life of sin, His provision for my needs.  And most importantly, He has provided me with the perfect shepherd for my life in Jesus Christ to bridge the gulf between my unruly character and the holiness of God’s. 
My prayer today is that you see your own life’s story in PLsalm 78 and recall what God has done in your life.


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  1. Thanks for your contribution to todays devotion Marc

    For me, the following verse stands out, where we learn why God had mercy and sympathy for them while they were giving Him lip service and He extends the same mercy to us in the midst of all of our failures.

    Psalm 78:39 (NLT)
    For he remembered that they were merely mortal,
    gone like a breath of wind that never returns.

  2. Father, it grieves me when I think of the times I have “put You to the test”. I am not entitled in any way to what I crave, for You know me better than I know myself. You know the plan You have for me. Father, let me live a life of thanksgiving instead of one of entitlement. This is what You desire. This is what pleases You. This is what brings You glory.

  3. People sometimes wonder why God (apparently) doesn’t do big, flashy miracles any more. Well, He did it for years with Israel, and it didn’t work: they didn’t trust Him, they didn’t obey Him. If it didn’t work for them, why should we think it would work for our generation? One witty definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result.” Especially in our generation of movie-magic, any miracle of God would only be (maybe) entertaining. God isn’t interested in entertaining people: He wants to give them life and prepare them for eternity.

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