Daily Archives: May 19, 2014

Day 136


Psalms 144-145, 88-89 (NIV)

Tommy Graves, Worship Team
Specifically Psalm 144:4

“They are like a breath, their days are like a fleeting shadow.”

Truth? This one is a tough one for me. We are talking about my life here. Your life. My kids. My beautiful wife. My granddaughters. We are all in this together and we do not know when our time here on earth will come to an end. Our days are indeed “like a fleeting shadow.” Sadly, for the most part I tend to live as if I expect there is a tomorrow, but the fact is that I really do not know if there is going to be one. Every now and then my wife will say something like, “okay baby, if for some reason…” okay… I have to pause here because this is the part where I always interrupt her because I know and do not like hearing what she typically says after this point. She then continues and says, ”I die on my way to the store…” What!? We just look at each other because she knows what I’m going to say next. I really don’t like it when she says stuff like that. I think it’s because it’s the truth. Each day we have on earth to love, live and laugh is a blessing and we really do not know if it could be our last.

What I want to share with you today is something that happened recently and really grabbed my heart. I run a small guitar repair shop, and last week I met a new customer who brought his guitar in for repair. When he pulled his guitar out of its case, I quickly saw why he brought it in. It had this huge 2 inch hole on its backside. As I took the guitar from him and placed it on my work bench I asked him how it happened. There was this long pause. I looked up at his face and could see tears rolling down his face as he began to tell me that he was standing next to the guitar when the phone call came in confirming that his wife’s cancer had returned and she was only expected to live a few months. He collapsed and fell right on the guitar piercing it with the stand it was sitting on.

I could fix his broken guitar but what could I do for his wife? Pray. And so I did. We talked about the struggles of what they were going through with her terminal illness, and the common theme that kept coming up was having such limited time to love and share. A complete shift of priority came about in their lives that forced their relationship to a level like never before.

My dear friends, we do not know when our good Lord will be calling us or our loved ones home. We are but a “fleeting shadow.” Let’s love one another no matter what and do so like it could be our last chance.