Daily Archives: May 2, 2014

Day 125


I Chronicles 29:1-22; I Kings 1:1-53
Gary Jewell; Journey Group, Marriage Mentor, Usher

So what can I take away from these lessons of history that the Lord wants to teach me so I better understand His purpose for me?

Okay – so I see this divided nation (Israel & Judah) being ruled by the old warrior, King David, who was chosen by God to lead and now is in his sunset years. And I see his estate up for grabs! But David has already decided at least one thing concerning his estate. He gives back, for the building of the temple, what is rightfully the Lord’s anyway (how about 110 tons of gold, 260 tons of silver, on top of everything else he had already freely given). Good thinking!

Lesson 1: Everything I have belongs to the Lord, so I shouldn’t have a tight grasp on my possessions. If I follow this lesson, I might be an example to others as David was. When they saw what David gave for the temple, they gave as well (190 tons of gold, 375 tons of silver, 675 tons of bronze, 3,750 tons of iron). Wow! Now that’s letting go of some mighty fine stuff! No wonder David was a man after God’s own heart!

Secondly- I see David’s children (first Absolom in prior chapters and now Adonijah) declaring leadership rights over a nation, not just a family! And God didn’t ask them to do that! I know what my earthly father would have said of me had I tried to rule without his approval. So I can only imagine what the Lord had to say of Adonijah trying to usurp his authority over a nation. I see the results of what had happened to his older brother Absolom and now to Adonijah and I think it’s called “slow to learn life’s lessons.” Like many families, as in mine, the mold of wrong doing needs to be broken and that most often requires us to seek the will of the Lord and allow it to emerge in us.

Lesson 2: So let it begin with me to seek God’s will in the things I do.

Finally, Solomon was God’s approved person to take on the next responsibilities (leading a nation & building a temple) per God’s direction. There is nothing like being an “approved worker” (2 Tim 2:15) for the Lord and hopefully always remaining there. Aren’t we all called to be an “approved worker?” Yes we are!

Lesson 3: Be an approved worker for the Lord.

As a side note worth considering: both Absolom & Adonijah were really handsome and relied heavily on that physical attribute to influence others, but lacked good, Godly character, leading to their demise.