Day 124


1 Chronicles 26-28 (NASB)

Carol Durett, Small Groups
Specifically 28:9

What are you seeking? What takes most of your time, energy and focus? Is it money, children, a mate, career, health, a new car or boat, a sense of belonging and acceptance?

King David, a man after God’s own heart and at the end of his reign as king, left his son with a challenge that jumped off the page when I first read this passage. Seek God, know Him intimately and serve Him willingly and whole-heartedly.

Seeking God brings a promise that we will find Him. Jeremiah (29:13) speaking for God said “you will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart.” Recently I had the opportunity to play detective at the CSI Experience in Orlando. I was given a crime scene and had to search for clues and study the evidence to find the perpetrator. I assure you, I was quite diligent. But am I that diligent in seeking God?

Seeking will bring knowledge of God. But David is very specific, “know the God of your father,” He is the Creator of the universe, the One who called Abraham to a new life, land, relationship. He is not precious statue, painting or necklace; He is not just a power, force or energy. And “know” is our old friend “yada,” to know intimately. In Psalm 139, David describes how intimately God knows us. He knows our movements, our thoughts, our habits and even our words before we speak them. To know God that way is not a call for an intellectual understanding, but rather an understanding that changes my life. It starts with the diligent seeking but, like getting to know anyone, it requires spending time together, watching His every move, learning His ways. I know that I grow in intimacy with God when I take time to listen and when I memorize and meditate on God’s word so that His words become part of my everyday thought process.

David challenged Solomon and us to serve God. This service must not be perfunctory, under duress or with inward rebellion, but whole-heartedly and with a willing mind because God knows our hearts and inner thoughts. Just as with our loving human relationships, the more we know God, the more we will desire to serve and please Him. Paul said in Philippians 2:13, “it is God who is at work in you, both to will and to work for His good pleasure.”
Seek, Know, Serve…. Are you up to the challenge?




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  1. Thank You Lord, that You are a God of order and not chaos. I am so grateful that now all we need to do is call on the name of Jesus to enter in with You. Thank You that You know me inside and out….AND You desire a relationship with me in spite of it (or maybe because You know You can change and transform it)! I know that I will never know You that completely this side of Heaven but thank You that You draw me to You, not to gain knowledge but to deepen our relationship. May I respond with obedience, sincerity, a undivided and willing heart and an open and pliable mind. All for Your glory and in Your honor.

  2. Thank you Carol for your contribution today.

    Particularly pointed for us men…that we would live out our faith in such a way that the legacy we leave our children is worthy of challenging our children to follow it.

  3. Great devotional challenge! Thank you for picking this out of chapter 28 where you had so much to dwell on. What a great chapter. Lord, I am up to the challenge but help me through your Holy Spirit to focus on it daily, especially on the majority of days I just don’t want to.

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