Day 113


2 Samuel 6:12-23, 1 Chronicles 15 & 16

Cindy Mann, Director of Finance

King David went to bring the Ark one time and did not follow the way Moses had told them to carry the Ark. They carried it in a cart, which was their plan, instead of it being carried on poles that run through rings on the side of the Ark. The Ark was designed to be carried in a particular secure method so no one would touch the Ark directly. This was God’s plan as a sign of deference.

When David followed God’s plan, there was great rejoicing by thousands of Israelites as they sang and danced to honor God as they carried the Ark to its new home. What a sight that must have been to see so many people singing and worshiping God at one time with the King of the country dancing and singing as a sign of worship along with everyone else. When we seek God’s plan and follow His plan, we can have peace and joy in our hearts. David gave food to all of the Israelites to continue the spirit of love, joy, and thanksgiving.

Michal, Saul’s daughter and David’s wife, did not have the same view of the situation. When David returns to his own home to bless his family, she tries to destroy his joy with criticism. She was trying to criticize and be a “joy stealer.” David shows us that when we are spiritually happy, something will come along to try and steal our joy that comes from God. We have a choice as David did. David refused to let Michal ruin his day and his faith by saying, “I was worshiping God and I will continue to do so and be humble before Him.” We need to choose to continue to focus on Christ each day so that we may have our peace and joy from God.

10 Glory in his holy name;     let the hearts of those who seek the Lord rejoice. 11 Look to the Lord and his strength;     seek his face always.
2 Chronicles 16:10-11


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  1. When we do things God’s way there is joy in the participation. We can even abandon our dignity (that’s so hard!) and express our joy in wild and foolish behavior. David was a skilled musician and poet, but who knows: he may have been a clumsy dancer. If so, he didn’t let that stop him from celebrating before Jehovah.

  2. “When we seek…and follow His plan, we can have peace and joy in our hearts.”

    Such a profound truth; even in the face of circumstances that seem to scream otherwise.

    Thanks for the reminder Cindy.

  3. Lord, may I actively and with abandon, like David, worship You. Keep me from worshiping from “the window”, from afar, like Michal, and letting a critical spirit come between You and me. Keep me from judging others motives and intents, then my worship will be pure and pleasing to You.

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