Day 106


1 Samuel 22: 1-2; Psalms 57; Psalms 142; 1 Chronicles 12: 8-18; 1 Samuel 22: 3-23; Psalms 52; 1 Samuel 23: 1-12 (NIV)

Mario Ross, Elder

Specifically Psalms 57:1-2; Psalms 142:1-2 NIV

Theme for this Psalm: God’s faithful help and love in time of trouble. When we face trials, God will quiet our hearts and give us confidence.

As I was reading these passages, I was thinking of my younger brother Sylvain, who had been unemployed for over a year. He couldn’t find a job in his field of welding even though he sent out several applications every week. In October of last year his unemployment benefits ran out, and the only income they had was from his girlfriend. Times were very difficult for both of them.

In December, we found out that they were in the process of losing their house and car, and they barely had enough food to eat. My brother was becoming very discouraged and angry. We knew we had to do what we could to help them. He kept asking me, why are you doing this? I shared with him, Matthew 25:35-36; “For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, 36 I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.”

I started calling my brother almost every day, listening to him and telling him that there were a lot of people praying for him and his girlfriend, Chantal. He then said to me, “I’m not a religious person you know.” I shared with him that it’s not about religion, but a relationship with God. I told him to just talk to God, cry out to him. Tell Him your fears, your worries. He wants to hear from you. Do just as David did; he was not afraid to pour out his heart to God.

Later that week, Chantal made this statement to him, “you know, if we don’t try to pray or speak to God like Mario and Sherre’ are saying, we will never know.” So that morning, they did just that. They sat together and talked to God about their fears and their worries, and an interview for the job that Sylvain just applied for that was only ten minutes away from their house. They went for a long walk after their talk with God and when they came back there was a message on their answering machine from the company for an interview on Monday morning. He called me right away and was so excited. I asked him, did you thank God? He said, “Yes, that was the first thing I did.” So, after two interviews, it’s great news to say that my brother has started his new job with that company on March 10th. Praise the Lord!!

Through all of this, my brother is now more open to God, and is asking me more questions about our relationship with God and our church family.

My prayer: Lord, may I never be afraid to cry out to you when I am facing trials and trouble.


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  1. Thank you Mario for your devotion and sharing this inspiring, personal, real life testimony that shows our LORD as real now as He was in the OT; hearing and answering our prayers

  2. When David was running/hiding from Saul, he didn’t just sit around and mope. The implication is he kept busy training his army. It takes more that a bunch of strong, disgruntled men to make an effective fighting force, and David built an army that was a significant factor in the region. And while David was “on hold”, he kept doing what a king should be doing: fighting his nation’s enemies and defending his people. Apparently, David took on situations (the town of Keilah) that Saul either couldn’t be bothered with, was too busy to handle, or was afraid to tackle. In return for their deliverance, the people of Keilah were probably thankful, but not thankful enough to stand up to Saul’s army. And you have to admit they were in a difficult situation. They opted for loyalty to the reigning (and anointed) king, and David doesn’t seem to have held a grudge against them for it.

    Doing God’s will for your life does not always result in popular acceptance. David was faithful to God’s calling and instructions, and was content to wait on God’s timing and justice.

  3. The Ministry of Adullam – a 3D Ministry: All those who were in distress or in debt or discontented gathered around him, and he became their commander.
    Thank you, Mario. Such an encouraging testimony! Our greatest opportunities to share the hope of the Gospel are found when we respond to the real needs of those around us. We don’t need a lot of theology or resources. “Talk to God” – keep it simple. Father, I am so grateful that You keep it simple for me, too. Come to Me, I will protect you, I will provide for you, I will give you rest. What more do I need?

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