Daily Archives: March 21, 2014

Day 95


Judges 16:1-18:31

Ron Myers, Pastor of Worship & Arts

The story of Samson and Delilah has always intrigued me. From my earliest days of hearing about this man with super-human strength, I was fascinated. And what’s with the long hair thing? I remember hearing that as a child and pondering on some of life’s greatest questions that a kid can have. Like – why do some of the people I know that have really long hair seem to be the biggest wimps? (By the way, I no longer think that way, and I’m sure my buddy, Tommy Graves, will be glad for that! Hehe.) After all, growing up in my house where we went to the barber every two or three weeks, which kept my hair pretty short, must mean that I will never ever have a shot at being very strong, right? Back in the day when a comic book contained some pretty cool ads in the back of the book about making yourself strong, I was kinda mixed up about what was expected of me. Should I take a shot at the world with short hair, and risk never becoming a strong man? Or should I try for the body-builder image, take some protein powder, let my hair grow long, and become like Samson? I really never had the guts to approach my mom or dad about any of this, knowing that they would surely say “What? Are you serious? No Way! We’ve raised you better than that!!!” So, I remain a mixed up, short-haired, weakling of a man.

Then there’s the part of me that looks at this whole story from a producer’s viewpoint thinking, wow, this would be an awesome movie! After all, there’s a great plot, strong characters, love, deceit, conniving, corruption, revenge, and a huge ending with the main character going down with everyone in the temple. Arnold Schwarzenegger could be our strong guy, right? (Think The Legend of Conan.) Delilah would be Angelina Jolie. (Think Mr. & Mrs. Smith.) I would need John Williams to compose a really strong score for the show and you can fill in whatever bad guys or country that you don’t like to be the Philistines. I suppose I am straying a bit too far now, but that’s where my mind goes when I read stories like these. Bottom-line – Samson was the leader of Israel for twenty years.

Then he dies and Israel had no king for a while. I see verse 6 in chapter 17 as a pretty sad statement: “In those days Israel had no king; everyone did as they saw fit.” A strong reminder of our need to keep focused on who is king in our lives. Without our Lord leading us through each and every day, we do tend to do as we see fit. I know how that usually works out for me, at least. I need a leader. I need to know that my king is in command. I need that focus, that resolve to say daily say “Lord, lead me, guide me; I need you in my life.”