Day 93


Judges 9:22-57

Elly Grover, Administrative Assistant, Care Ministries

When reading the Old Testament, it is easy for me to be confused by all of the strange sounding names of people and places. I often find myself praying…”Father, please help me to learn from this passage what you want me to know and how I can apply it to my life.” In today’s scripture reading, I decided to focus on just one person, Abimelech, and what I can learn from his life.

I believe that the lesson I have learned is that leadership without seeking God’s wisdom and being obedient to God, leads to much pain and suffering. Abimelech was so consumed by his thirst for power that he murdered 69 of his half brothers (not a very wise way to start his leadership role!) This thirst for power was never satisfied; it just kept intensifying. He even wiped out whole cities that refused to submit to him.

While he was on this bloody rampage he was rewarded for his wickedness. A woman dropped a millstone on his head, cracking his skull. His last words to his armor-bearer were, “Draw your sword and kill me, so that they can’t say, ‘A woman killed him.’”
A sad end to a once powerful leader! How different Abimelech’s life might have been if he had sought God’s wisdom and been obedient to God’s laws. Many innocent people would not have been slaughtered all because of his greed for power.

Whether we find ourselves in a position of leadership or not, it is so important to seek God’s wisdom in our everyday lives. Our prayers should come from the heart…they don’t need to be wordy…just simple and to the point. I often find myself praying for wisdom in words like “Lord…I don’t know what to do…I got nothing…please help.” When I get out of the way and seek His will, He gives direction that is ultimately the best for all concerned.


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  1. Spot on Elly, thanks for sharing your divine insight for todays reading.

    (9:22-23) 3 years went by before the Lord intervened and fulfilled Jotham’s curse.
    The spirit that stirred up trouble found willing hearts. Those condemned for their folly participated fully in their own demise; they brought it on themselves.

    Even with the help of informants, Abimelech’s fate was sealed as was the people of Shechem for choosing to follow such an ungodly man.

    Lord may Your Spirit within me help me to remember to seek your council on all decisions I make whether I am leading or following.

  2. With each chapter, it becomes more and more clear that it is VITAL to love and desire the Lord, crave His presence, hold fast and cleave to Him, be very careful, vigilantly guard our minds and hearts, follow Him wholeheartedly, diligently and purposefully. “Sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must master it.” Gen 4:7. He warned us at the beginning of the book and He continues to warn us today….don’t let anything become more important than Me in your life. All other gods will draw you away and cause disaster. I will lead you, go before you and keep you in the center of My will for the entire journey if you will only seek Me. Thank You, Lord!

  3. Elly – What a powerful devotional from a very difficult passage about a greedy person! Thank you for your light from this passage.

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