Daily Archives: March 13, 2014

Day 89


Joshua 22:1-24:33 (NLV)

Phebe Mott, MOPS Coordinator

Specifically 24:1-15

As Joshua approached the end of his life, he issued a message from God to the tribes of Israel. Joshua listed some of the many miraculous things God had done for them so that they would remember his faithfulness and absolute trustworthiness, and in turn, pass those stories of deliverance to the generations to come.

A number of years ago when I was a new Christian, I was working at a summer camp, and needed a safety pin to fix a pair of shorts that I loved. I searched all over the campus but for the life of me I couldn’t fine a single one. Finally, as ridiculous as it seemed at the time, I prayed that God would help me find a safety pin just so I could do something as silly as wear a certain pair of shorts. No sooner had I closed that prayer that I opened a drawer in the office and found a huge Ziploc bag of every shape and size of safety pin that you could imagine. God’s message to me that day: He cares about what I care about, no matter how insignificant it may seem to me. And, as a special bonus, not only did he provide me with a safety pin, he provided me with my choice of shape and size among hundreds!

On another occasion, during a summer when I was home from college, my younger sister and I went to a concert in New York. When we started the 2-hour drive home, it was late and I was exhausted. I couldn’t keep my eyes open and even began to nod off a few times. My sister was too young to drive, so it was completely up to me to get us home. I felt utterly helpless. So about fifteen minutes into the long ride home, I just said it, flat out: “God, I can’t drive. I just can’t. I need you to drive us home.” And I will never, ever forget what happened next. Ten minutes later, we were pulling into my parents’ driveway. He had literally driven us home. God’s message to me that night: When I put my trust in him, he will accomplish the impossible.

These are two stories that I have told often, because not only are they supernatural examples of what only God can do, but also of how he loves me and wants to communicate that to me personally.

As we will see in the next couple of weeks (*spoiler alert*), after all the miracles God had performed for his people, they became comfortable, took them for granted, and ultimately forgot. They didn’t pass down the stories to later generations, and it had dire consequences.

Let’s not forget. Write your stories down. Tell them often. Never let the people around you forget what God has done and what only God can do. Future generations may just depend on it.