Daily Archives: March 7, 2014

Day 85


Joshua 12:7-15:19 (NLT)

Jen Powers, Administrative Assistant to Student Ministries and CYFM


I’ll have to admit that if ever there were a subject in school I struggled with, it was geography.  So when I took a look at these verses, I froze!  How in the world could I make any sense of this gifting of lands to the tribes?  However, as I read through, this verse stood out for me:

“But Moses gave no allotment of land to the tribe of Levi, for the Lord, the God of Israel, had promised that he himself would be their allotment.” (Joshua 13:33)

Remember back in Exodus after the whole golden calf incident?  Yeah, it was the Levites who stood up for God, who were set aside to serve the Lord, to receive the best prize of all, right?  I gotta admit, I might have been one of the ones grumbling in the back… “No land?? Really?!”  This started me thinking: How often do we walk through our day judging by the tangible?  Coffee maker broken?  Bad day. Coworker brings in donuts?  Good day!  The kids track dirt all through the house.  Bad day.  Your guy brings you flowers.  Fantastic day!  But that’s not God’s plan for us.  He wants us to find our joy in Him, knowing that He’s got us.  The Levites lived their lives with very little in the way of possessions.  Even their needs were to be met by the tithes from the other tribes so that they could concentrate on the work of the Lord.  Now, I know times are different; people aren’t paying us to tend the temple, and none of us is perfect.  But has the lesson changed?  Shouldn’t we always have God squarely in front of us, keeping our eyes on Him, listening to Him, serving Him?  Shouldn’t this be what we strive for from the moment we step out of bed each morning?  Some days it’s not gonna happen.  Maybe even most days. But my heart is telling me that this is what I need to take away from the Levites’ faith.  GOD is our blessing and our portion, not the things of this world.

“Always be joyful. Never stop praying. Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.” (1 Thess. 5:16-18)