Daily Archives: March 5, 2014

Day 83


Joshua 7:1; 1 Chronicles 2:7; Joshua 7:2-9:27

Levi Smith, High School Pastor

During the last two days of reading we have learned a lot about Joshua:
Joshua’s call: be strong and courageous.
Joshua’s mission: to claim the promised land for the nation of Israel.
His key to success: God; and directly related to the degree of his obedience.

In this section of scripture we learn something that we must never forget. No leader, other than Christ, is perfect. This mighty warrior and leader doesn’t make all the right decisions in his battle plan this time. He has just led the Israelites to a victory against Jericho with God’s direction. Not only did they win, they didn’t even lose any soldiers. (If you don’t already know this about God: He doesn’t just win. He makes sure the opposition has no chance, and the other teams’ moms are complaining to the league that He shouldn’t be running up the score like that. When God moves, He wins… BY A LOT.)
Why doesn’t Joshua consult with the always victorious creator or the universe again? Pride, arrogance, stupidity… We don’t know for sure. But, Joshua decides to send out some spies and listen to their assessment instead–obviously, a bad plan. This is for sure a take away for us: we must listen to what God says, over every other voice, no matter what situation, big or small.
On top of that, there was sin in the camp. Achan and his family blatantly disobeyed the command of the Lord, showing their complete disbelief in the God that had moved so mightily before them and all of Israel. This is so surprising to me. How can someone who sees first-hand a mighty move of God so quickly say, “I don’t believe that, I will do what I please.” Sin is a big deal, God can’t stand it. He won’t move in our lives when it is present. Joshua goes to God, and isn’t told to stay on his knees. God says “Stand up!” We need to do something about our sin, not just ask for forgiveness every time it comes up. If you keep on falling into the same sin over and over and over again…have you really done anything about it? Sin has to be dealt with, if we don’t take active, intentional steps to deal with the over and over again sin, no victory will ever come.