Daily Archives: March 3, 2014

Day 81


Deuteronomy 33-34:12; Joshua 1-2:24

Pastor Scott, Lead Pastor

As you have already experienced in our reading plan, one day’s reading can cover so many areas, ideas and thoughts. Where does one begin? Today’s reading is no different, but to be a little different let me pose a question from today’s reading.
Background: Joshua sends out two spies into Jericho to check out the city. They hide in the house of a prostitute. (That raises another whole set of questions). She (Rahab) hides the men, and when confronted by the king’s soldiers as to where the men are, (Josh 2:4-7), she lies and says they weren’t there, that they had left and she didn’t know where they were. The whole time she knew that she had hidden them on her roof under some drying grain.

Question: Rahab lied. She did not tell the truth. So is that okay? -Did she do the right thing?
-Does God approve?
– Is it okay to lie…sometimes?

Here is the struggle that each of us, or…most of us have. We want it to be alright. She’s saving two of God’s men; it’s noble; it’s courageous…it’s the same thing that most of us would do or say. So we really want it to be alright.
One argument to it being okay is that not only was she not punished for lying, she was actually rewarded as she and her whole family were saved from death.
The other argument is if she hadn’t lied then the men would have been found out and killed, or maybe it’s for the greater good.
A couple of things to think about and then a simple truth for us today…
Thoughts: It can’t be okay or “good” if God Himself wouldn’t do it, meaning God is holy; He can’t do anything that is not truthful, completely truthful. So if He Himself couldn’t do it, because it wouldn’t be the truth, then neither should we.

Whenever considering doing something for the greater good consider these 3 questions:
-Does it break any Biblical command or principle?
-Can it be done in complete transparency before God and people?
-Does it in itself, and in its end result, bring glory to God and His people?
The answers to the above in order, have to be, No, Yes, Yes. Any other answer, then its not good!

So what if she had told the truth? Well, then the same God who brought the plagues, who parted the sea, fed them with quail and manna, and who led them with a pillar of fire, would have showed Himself once again to be faithful!

Simple truth for today: God shows His grace to us and uses us despite our imperfections, our rationalizations and our failure to always get it right. His plan transcends generations, and peoples sins; it weaves its way through the Old Testament, New Testament, up to today, and on through tomorrow and it includes us. How great is our God!