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Day 15


Genesis 40:1-23; Genesis 35:28-29; Genesis 41:1-57

Ron Myers, Pastor of Worship & Arts


As I read these passages about the life of Joseph, two big things come to mind.  The first is all about the dreams.  I read here about these unusual dreams, and, if I may interject here, these dreams were kinda weird.  Right?  There were things like branches, vines, grapes, baked goods, baskets on people’s heads, bodies impaled on poles, wild birds.  PLUS – fat cows, ugly cows, 14 cows, grain, stalks and more.  Now I’m not one to really talk about having dreams.  I rarely have them, at least not so that I can remember enough to tell you.  So when I see these dreams, along with the interpretations, part of me says “really?  You got that from these dreams?!?”

I’ve heard talk of people–present-day–who interpret dreams. But honestly I’ve always wondered how that works.  Is it real?  It is inspired by God?  Should we even try to question the meaning of our dreams?  Were my dreams just a result of too many tacos? If someone interprets my dreams, are they closer to God than me?

Obviously, I strayed a bit there in my thought process.  I tend to do that easily.  But I do wonder about these dreams.  And Joseph’s interpretations certainly came true.  Still not sure how to reconcile all of that.

Which leads me to me second main thought: if you’re faithful with the little things, God will trust you with the bigger things.  Not dreams now, but real life stuff. Joseph inspires me not to dream, but to be faithful.  No matter the task, or who it’s for, or what the outcome might be.  Just be faithful with the things that I’ve been given to do and with the gifts God has given me.  And whatever it is, do it well.  As unto the Lord.  God’s richest blessings will certainly follow, just as they did for our friend Joseph.