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Day 92


Revelation 19-22 (NIV)

Scott Slocum, Lead Pastor

Specifically, Revelation 21

So we come to The End, now what?

Revelation 21:1 “Then I saw a New Heaven and a New Earth…”

We come to the end of the Bible with a promise of a New Heaven and Earth.  A promise that was first given way back in the Old Testament.  Isaiah (65 & 66) talked about it, as did Ezekiel and Hosea.  A promise that we struggle to really picture, or understand.  What does a New Earth look like?  This Earth looks pretty good, at least in some places.  A New Heaven, what’s that look like?  The movies certainly don’t help us!  White clouds, everyone wearing white robes and playing harps….that just doesn’t look fun to me!  So how do you describe the indescribable?

I think an elementary Sunday school class can help us.  As the pastor, I was invited to a gathering of 1-3rd grade Sunday school classes to answer questions that they had about God, or the Bible.  This is the most frightening thing I ever had to do!

So the question got asked, what was heaven like? I can handle this!  I explained that heaven was perfect.  Everything was perfect!  The perfect place….they looked bored out of their minds!  Perfect lakes, perfect mountains, blue skies…..yawns and “who cares” looks were happening at this point!  I continued on by saying that every day will be the perfect day, perfect temperatures…..So What!!  I was dying!  Quick Scott, think!  Think!  You’re losing them! Turn them off forever on ever wanting to go to heaven and it’s your entire fault!!

What can I say?  How do I bring them back? ….Puppies!  Yes, puppies!  Heaven would be like having all the perfect cute puppies we wanted, all around us all the time!  Brilliant!  I had them!  Every kid came to life; they all couldn’t wait for heaven.

As I basked in my brilliance, one little boy started to talk about his dog that he loved, and then asked, “So when our pets die, like my dog, they go to heaven too?” …What’s that??

The entire room was fixed on me as these 1st, 2nd and 3rd graders wanted confirmation that all of the beloved pets… (Cats included)…would all go to heaven when they die.  In about 30 seconds, with every pensive eye looking at me, I completely re-thought, re-worked and reconsidered years of theology.  I had a divine moment of inspiration and I said, “ABSOLUTELY!”   When your pets die, they’ll be right there in heaven with you.  Cheers went up, joy returned, a new excitement of heaven for them and a new theological point for me.

Friends, read Revelation 21 & 22, and remember the word “better.”  Eternity is better!  Whatever you can think of, it’s better.  Whatever you can imagine, it’s better.  Think of the best thing in your life that you have ever experienced, the thing that you have most enjoyed…its better!  Going through a difficult time in your life?  It’s better!

Jesus said in Revelation 22:20; “Yes, I am coming soon.”

Jesus is coming back and when we finally all get to be with Him for eternity…it will be both better and it will be all better!  Heaven is better!

This is the last day of our “Solid” reading plan.  If you have gone through all 92 days, Congratulations!!

I hope that these readings have been helpful in your spiritual walk with God, as they have been to each of us, as we have written them.  Whatever you do, don’t stop now.  Today shouldn’t be the last day, but the continuation of letting God’s word change your life.  Keep reading God’s word; it will never let you down!